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The Minions - Everything All Of The Time

Image of The Minions - Everything All Of The Time

£5.00 - On Sale

The new album from Bolton based octet The Minions features 15 tracks of melodious Northern punk rock.

Available to pre order now - pre orders will be shipped the week before release date 6/12/2010

'go seek and find one of the north’s best bands right now' - Manchester

Track listing
01 Welcome To The North 2m 41s
02 Six Chords 3m 15s
03 Brew In The Pot 2m 40s
04 The Manager 2m 4s
05 Brucie Knows Best 3m 35s
06 Don't Catch Me 2m 14s
07 Brady 2m 39s
08 Who Are You Afraid Of? What Are You Afraid Of? 3m 44s
09 Have You Got A Knife? 2m 9s
10 Revolution 3m 12s
11 Moochin 2m 56s
12 Rakt 1m 59s
13 Stop Questioning Me 2m 26s
14 Red Brick Road 3m 22s
15 A Lifetime Of Comedy Falls 5m 33s